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My role models in the same picture holy shit


My role models in the same picture holy shit

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Twista - Overnight Celebrity (feat. Kanye West)

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Converge “Precipice / All We Love We Leave Behind” video by Craig Murray, benefit apparel released

Watch the video here:

We are proud to release the film/video for “Precipice / All We Love We Leave Behind” by director Craig Murray (Converge, Oxbow, Narrows, etc). Both songs appear on the Converge “All We Love We Leave Behind” album, out now via Epitaph/Deathwish Inc.

The video was conceptualized by Murray, using the narrative put forth of the death of a canine companion as told in J. Bannon’s lyrical writings. Murray uses powerful visual metaphor and imagery to communicate the crushing weight of loss and the strength of unconditional love the song explores.

To coincide with this release, we are offering an apparel design featuring visuals from the film/video. The design is available through the Converge online store. 

100% of the proceeds from this design will go to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts.

Order here:

This work is dedicated to all who have lost their best friends; thank you for all you have given us.

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The Clash - Lost in the Supermarket

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converge at cbgb in 2001. 

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Earth Crisis - Destroy The Machines - New Ethic


Earth Crisis - New Ethic

Wildlifes’ right to
live in peace in their natural environment 
without this civilization’s interference can no longer be denied. 
Must no longer be denied. 
To make a civilization worthy of the word ‘civilized’ the cruelty must end, starting within our own lives.
Reject the 
anthropocentric falsehood that maintains the oppressive hierarchy of mankind over the animals.
It’s time to set them free.


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Frank Ocean, ladies and gents

“Im a very nice person, fuck you”

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Languages animate objects by giving them names, making them noticeable when we might not otherwise be aware of them. Tuvan has a word iy (pronounced like the letter e), which indicates the short side of a hill.

I had never noticed that hills had a short side. But once I learned the word, I began to study the contours of hills, trying to identify the iy. It turns out that hills are asymmetrical, never perfectly conical, and indeed one of their sides tends to be steeper and shorter than the others.

If you are riding a horse, carrying firewood, or herding goats on foot, this is a highly salient concept. You never want to mount a hill from the iy side, as it takes more energy to ascend, and an iy descent is more treacherous as well. Once you know about the iy, you see it in every hill and identify it automatically, directing your horse, sheep, or footsteps accordingly.

This is a perfect example of how language adapts to local environment, by packaging knowledge into ecologically relevant bits. Once you know that there is an iy, you don’t really have to be told to notice it or avoid it. You just do. The language has taught you useful information in a covert fashion, without explicit instruction.

—   K. David Harrison, The Last Speakers (via containslanguage)

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